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Deco Struct Reference

#include <deco.h>

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Detailed Description

A 2D decoration as is supported by this mechanism, add any to be draw element (sprite/line/button/etc..) as a 2D decoration following this structu, so the mechanism can use it and automaticly update any other decoration overlapping it.

draw = an user given function that draws the decoration using some vidoe functions based on the clip rectangle ClipX1,.. data = an user given data-type given to above function, to be able to provide a generic draw-function independent of its data. x,y,w,h = dimension as given to DecorationAdd..

now needed outside, but might be removed in the future l = decoration level as given to DecorationAdd (internal use only) singles = The sub-decoration type, as this decoration might be split into multiple small/fixed-sized data-type (internal use only) prv = prev decoration based on depth-level (internal use only) nxt = next decoration based on depth-level (internal use only)

Definition at line 99 of file deco.h.

Public Attributes

void * data
void(* drawclip )(void *data)
int h
DecorationLevel l
struct Deconxt
struct Decoprv
struct DecorationSingle * singles
int w
int x
int y

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