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_ModPlug_Settings Struct Reference

#include <modplug.h>

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Detailed Description

Modplug configuration.

that ModPlug always decodes sound at 44100kHz, 32 bit, stereo and then down-mixes to the settings you choose.

Definition at line 132 of file modplug.h.

Public Attributes

int mBassAmount
 Reverb delay in ms, usually 40-200ms.
int mBassRange
 XBass level 0(quiet)-100(loud).
int mBits
 Number of channels - 1 for mono or 2 for stereo.
int mChannels
 One or more of the MODPLUG_ENABLE_* flags above, bitwise-OR'ed.
int mFlags
int mFrequency
 Bits per sample - 8, 16, or 32.
int mLoopCount
 Surround delay in ms, usually 5-40ms.
int mResamplingMode
 Sampling rate - 11025, 22050, or 44100.
int mReverbDelay
 Reverb level 0(quiet)-100(loud).
int mReverbDepth
 One of MODPLUG_RESAMPLE_*, above.
int mSurroundDelay
 Surround level 0(quiet)-100(heavy).
int mSurroundDepth
 XBass cutoff in Hz 10-100.

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