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_player_ai_ Struct Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This are the variables for the AI players.

See also:

Definition at line 186 of file ai.c.

Public Attributes

unsigned Build [(UnitTypeMax+BitsOf(unsigned)-1)/BitsOf(unsigned)]
 end of double linked list
int CmdIndex
 true: process new commands
 current command
int CurrentAttack
 there is no oil
int CurrentHome
 army at attack
int DoCommands
 army at home
AiGoal * GoalHead
 player number in Players
AiGoal * GoalNil1
 start of double linked list
AiGoal * GoalTail
 dummy end of double linked list
 flags what units are currently build
int NeedGold
 home point
int NeedOil
 wood resources needed
int NeedWood
 gold resources needed
int NoGold
 oil resources needed
int NoOil
 there is no wood
int NoWood
 there is no gold

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