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_settings_ Struct Reference

#include <settings.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Settings structure

This structure one day should contain all common game settings, in-game, or pre-start, and the individual (per player) presets. This allows central maintainance, easy (network-)negotiation, simplifies load/save/reinitialization, etc...

Definition at line 57 of file settings.h.

Public Attributes

int GameType
 Terrain type (summer,winter,...).
int NoFogOfWar
 Game type (melee, free for all,...).
int NumUnits
 Preset resource factor.
int Opponents
 Preset # of units.
struct {
   int   Race
   int   Team
 Race of the player.
   int   Type
 Team of player -- NOT SELECTABLE YET.
Presets [PlayerMax]
int Resources
int RevealMap
 No fog of war.
int Terrain
 Preset # of ai-opponents.

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