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_ui_ Struct Reference

#include <ui.h>

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Detailed Description

Defines the user interface.

Definition at line 147 of file ui.h.

Public Attributes

CursorConfig ArrowE
 Cursor for scrolling map around.
CursorConfig ArrowN
 Cursor pointing north east.
CursorConfig ArrowNE
 Cursor pointing east.
CursorConfig ArrowNW
 Cursor pointing north.
CursorConfig ArrowS
 Cursor pointing south west.
CursorConfig ArrowSE
 Cursor pointing south.
CursorConfig ArrowSW
 Cursor pointing west.
CursorConfig ArrowW
 Cursor pointing north west.
int Brightness
 General Contrast.
GraphicConfig ButtonPanel
 complete text Y position
int ButtonPanelX
 Button panel background.
int ButtonPanelY
 Button panel screen X position.
Button Buttons [MaxButtons]
 status line screeen Y position
Button Buttons2 [6]
 used for displaying unit training queues
int CompleteBarColor
 Info panel height.
int CompleteBarX
 color for complete bar
int CompleteBarY
 complete bar X position
int CompleteTextX
 complete bar Y position
int CompleteTextY
 complete text X position
int Contrast
 useable for this height
CursorConfig Cross
 HourGlass, system is waiting.
GraphicConfig Filler1
 Color for reverse text displayed.
int Filler1X
 filler 1 graphic
int Filler1Y
 filler 1 X position
GraphicConfig FoodIcon
 Icon+Text of all resources.
int FoodIconH
 units icon W position
int FoodIconRow
 units icon image
int FoodIconW
 units icon Y position
int FoodIconX
 units icon image row (frame)
int FoodIconY
 units icon X position
int FoodTextX
 units icon H position
int FoodTextY
 units text X position
GraphicConfig GameMenuePanel
 Cursor pointing south east.
CursorConfig Glass
 General pointing cursor.
CursorConfig GreenHair
 Yellow action,attack cursor.
int Height
 useable for this width
GraphicConfig InfoPanel
 score text Y position
int InfoPanelH
 Info panel width.
int InfoPanelW
 Info panel screen Y position.
int InfoPanelX
 Info panel background.
int InfoPanelY
 Info panel screen X position.
int KeyScroll
 Enable mouse scrolling.
Viewport MapArea
 Parameters of all viewports.
GraphicConfig MenuButton
 geometry of the whole map area
int MenuButtonX
 menu button background
int MenuButtonY
 menu button screen X position
GraphicConfig Menue1Panel
 Panel 256 x 288.
GraphicConfig Menue2Panel
 Panel 288 x 256.
GraphicConfig Minimap
 menu button screen Y position
int MinimapX
 minimap panel background
int MinimapY
 minimap screen X position
int MouseAdjust
 Cursor warp Y position.
int MouseScale
 Mouse speed adjust.
int MouseScroll
 General Saturation.
 Current viewport mode.
char * Name
char NormalFontColor
 Mouse speed scale.
int NumViewports
 Current selected active viewport.
int Offset480Y
 Offset for 640x480 X position.
int Offset640X
int OriginalResources
 Resource Y position.
CursorConfig Point
 Offset for 640x480 Y position.
CursorConfig RedHair
 Green action,attack cursor.
GraphicConfig Resource
 filler 1 Y position
struct {
   GraphicConfig   Icon
   int   IconH
 icon W position
   int   IconRow
 icon image
   int   IconW
 icon Y position
   int   IconX
 icon image row (frame)
   int   IconY
 icon X position
   int   TextX
 icon H position
   int   TextY
 text X position
Resources [MaxCosts]
 original resource mode
int ResourceX
 Resource background.
int ResourceY
 Resource X position.
char ReverseFontColor
 Color for normal text displayed.
char ReverseMouseMove
 Middle mouse button map move with reversed directions.
int Saturation
 General Brightness.
GraphicConfig ScenarioPanel
 Panel 288 x 128.
GraphicConfig ScoreIcon
 units text Y position
int ScoreIconH
 score icon W position
int ScoreIconRow
 score icon image
int ScoreIconW
 score icon Y position
int ScoreIconX
 score icon image row (frame)
int ScoreIconY
 score icon X position
int ScoreTextX
 score icon H position
int ScoreTextY
 score text X position
CursorConfig Scroll
 Red action,attack cursor.
 Viewport containing mouse.
GraphicConfig StatusLine
 minimap cursor color
int StatusLineX
 Status line background.
int StatusLineY
 status line screeen X position
GraphicConfig VictoryPanel
 Panel 384 x 256.
int ViewportCursorColor
 minimap screen Y position
ViewportMode ViewportMode
 Button panel screen Y position.
Viewport Viewports [MAX_NUM_VIEWPORTS]
 # Viewports currently used
int WarpX
int WarpY
 Cursor warp X position.
int Width
 interface name to select
CursorConfig YellowHair
 Multi-select cursor.

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