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_color_font_ Struct Reference

#include <font.h>

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Detailed Description

Color font definition.

#include "font.h"

typedef struct _color_font_ ColorFont;

Defines the fonts used in the FreeCraft engine. We support proportional multicolor fonts of 7 colors. The eighth color is transparent. (Currently the fonts aren't packed)


File containing the graphics for the font.


Maximal width of a character in pixels.


Height of all characters in pixels.


The width of each font glyph in pixels. The index 0 is the width of the SPACE (' ', 0x20).


Contains the graphics of the font, loaded from ColorFont::File. Only 7 colors are supported.

Definition at line 88 of file font.h.

Public Attributes

char CharWidth [208]
 Max height of characters in file.
char * File
 Real font width (starting with ' ').
int Height
 Max width of characters in file.
int Width
 File containing font data.

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