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_event_callback_ Struct Reference

#include <video.h>

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Detailed Description

Unit colors for faster setup.

Event call back.

This is placed in the video part, because it depends on the video hardware driver.

Definition at line 354 of file video.h.

Public Attributes

void(* ButtonPressed )(unsigned buttons)
 Callback for mouse button press.
void(* ButtonReleased )(unsigned buttons)
 Callback for mouse button release.
void(* KeyPressed )(unsigned keycode, unsigned keychar)
 Callback for key press.
void(* KeyReleased )(unsigned keycode, unsigned keychar)
 Callback for key release.
void(* KeyRepeated )(unsigned keycode, unsigned keychar)
 Callback for key repeated.
void(* MouseExit )(void)
 Callback for mouse exit of game window.
void(* MouseMoved )(int x, int y)
 Callback for mouse move.
void(* NetworkEvent )(void)
 Callback for network event.
void(* SoundReady )(void)
 Callback for sound output ready.

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