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_init_message_ Struct Reference

#include <netconnect.h>

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Detailed Description

Network init message.

Transfering the same data in each message is waste of bandwidth. I mean the versions and the UID ...

Definition at line 104 of file netconnect.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned int ConfUID
 Network protocol version.
int FreeCraft
 Init message subtype.
char HostsCount
 Update frequency.
int Lag
 UID of map to play. // FIXME: add MAP name, path, etc.
unsigned int MapUID
 Engine configuration UID (Checksum) // FIXME: not available yet.
unsigned char SubType
 Init message type.
unsigned char Type
union {
   NetworkHost   Hosts [PlayerMax]
   char   MapPath [256]
 Participant information.
   ServerSetup   State
 Number of hosts.
int Updates
 Lag time.
int Version
 FreeCraft engine version.

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